Organic Organomineral Fertilizers

Oligro High-Quality Organic Organomineral Fertilizers

Organic matter-containing fertilizers are highly effective in improving the structure of agricultural soils as well as on plant growth. In addition, its combined application with mineral fertilizers increases the usefulness of mineral fertilizers. Organic fertilizers give a greater effect in relation to the efficient use of other fertilizers.

The effect of organomineral fertilizer on soil structure and plant growth is incomparably higher than manure. In addition, the application of fresh manure as fertilizer without composting is not scientifically recommended (SH*T!).

Organomineral fertilizers produced with high technology, are indispensable for the farmers to obtain the best yield and, to improve and ensure the soil microbial balance, the physical properties of the soil (increasing the water retention rate, to provide the water and air balance in the soil at an optimum rate, etc.).