Ferra 15 Humate

Oligro Ferra 15 is a new generation iron micro element fertilizer containing NocH chelate technology.

The organic chelating agents used in the NOCH method are non-toxic and biodegradable in the soil. For this reason, it is more environmentally friendly than synthetic chelating agents in the chelation of micro elements.

It is an excellent choice for all farmers, especially those who care about ecological concerns in agriculture.

This fertilizer, which is dazzling in terms of price / performance, is easily taken by the plant. It is completely soluble in water and can be applied both soil and foliar application.

Technology: OND – NOCH
Package: 1 – 5 – 10 – 25 Kg
pH: 4,16
EC: 0,44

SKU: 2021TK50

Recommended Use

Ferra 15 Humate designed for both fertigation foliar irrigation; to fix the iron deficiency, start with the bud swelling till the flowering phase and then repeat when needed;

  • Foliar: 500-750 g with 100 L water
  • Fertigation: 0,5-1,5 kg for 1 da*

*da= 1.000 m²

The dosages and application stages are give as a guideline.

Guaranteed Content W/W%

Water Soluble Iron (Fe):


Iron Complex (Fe) with LS:


Organic Matter:


Total Humic + Fulvic Acid:


Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide (MgO):


Water Soluble (SO3):


Maximum Humidity: