Combi Mix

Olitra Combi Mix is a trace element mix designed for those looking for economic solutions.

It is an excellent choice for the rapid correction of micronutrient deficiency found in plants growing under adverse conditions such as alkaline and calcareous soils.

It promotes the formation of fruit buds for the next growing season.

Technology: NOCH
Package: 1 – 5 – 10 – 25 Kg
pH: 3,12
EC: 0,54

SKU: 25904

Combi Mix is a trace element; to fix the trace element deficiency during the plant’s vegetative state;

Foliar : 250-300 g with 100 L Water

Fertigation : 1-1,5 kg for 1 da*

*da= 1.000 m²

The dosages and application stages are give as a guideline.

Water Soluble Bor (B):


Water Soluble (Cu):


Water Soluble (Fe):


Water Soluble (Mn):


Water Soluble Zinc (Zn):


Water Soluble (Mo):