Combi CR

Combi CR is a microelement complex fertilizer, specially designed for Fall, Winter and early spring periods.

It minimizes the negative effect of the problems such as extreme cold, soil wetness, inadequate aeration in the roots which prevent root and leaf development.

Active agents in its content developed by Olimpum R & D, give the plant high resistance against cold stress.

It provides the transfer of trace elements needed by the plant most efficiently in all kinds of soil conditions.

Technology: NOCH – CSR
Package: 1 – 5 – 10 – 25 Kg
pH: 4,26
EC: 0,40


Combi CR specially designed for fall winter early spring periods; to fix the trace element deficiency during the plant’s vegetative state;

Foliar: 200-250 g with 100 L Water

Fertigation: 1-1,5 kg for 1 da*

*da= 1.000m²

The dosages and application stages are give as a guideline.

Water Soluble Bor (B):


Water Soluble (Cu) EDTA Chelated:


Water Soluble (Fe) EDTA Chelated:


Water Soluble (Mn) EDTA Chelated:


Water Soluble (Zn) EDTA Chelated:


Water Soluble (Mo):