Amino Fx

Oligro Amino FX liquid organic fertilizer; promotes the uptake of nutrients by plants.

It increases the resistance of the plant against adverse conditions such as drought, cold and sudden temperature change.

It maximizes product yield and quality by bringing photosynthesis to the optimum level in the plant.

Technology: NOCH
Package: 1 – 5 – 20 L
pH: 4,88
EC: 0,18

SKU: 13276

Recommended Use

Vegetable sourced liquid amino acid fertilizer derived from plants; depending on the plant’s vegetative state and soil characteristics of the culture, per irrigation;

  • Foliar : 250 ml with / 100 L Water
  • Fertigation: 2-3 L for 1 da*

*da= 1.000 m²

The dosages and application stages are give as a guideline.

Guaranteed Content W/W%

Free Amino Acids:


Organic Matter:


Organic Carbon (C):


Organic Nitrogen (N):